Odebrecht: Brazilian construction giant in the crosshairs

Image copyright. Brazil’s biggest construction firm, Odebrecht, has admitted in the US to bribing officials to secure contracts. The company and brazilian petrochemical firm, Braskem, have agreed to pay at least $3.5bn (2.8bn) to the authorities in the US, Brazil and Switzerland.

Braslia (AFP) – Brazil’s prosecutor general wants to investigate more than 100 politicians as part of the massive petrobras corruption probe, a source close to the case said. The latest list of suspects in the highly explosive case remains secret. But speaking on condition of anonymity, the source.

The biggest corruption scandal in Latin America · President Rafael Correa — in power since 2007 — expelled the Brazilian petrochemical and construction giant in 2008 for irregularities in the development of a hydroelectric plant. Odebrecht returned to Ecuador in 2010, where its contracts include building a section of the Quito metro system.

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 15 (Xinhua) — Brazil’s Prosecutor General Rodrigo Janot Tuesday asked the Supreme Federal Court (STF) to open 83 official inquiries against politicians accused of corruption. The politicians were mentioned in the testimonies of 77 former executives of the construction company Odebrecht.

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In a lengthy statement issued by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on December 21, 2016, it was announced that Brazilian construction-industry giant Odebrecht SA (Odebrecht) has admitted to violating anti-bribery and corruption laws in a number of countries and agreed to pay between $2.6 and $4.5 billion in a deal to resolve the charges brought against it in Brazil, Switzerland, and the.

Odebrecht’s corruption was much bigger than the Brazilian construction conglomerate acknowledged, leaked records show. And much of the bribe money paid to politicians and bureaucrats flowed.

How Odebrecht cozied up to Castros while maintaining work in Miami. miamiherald.com – By Kevin G. Hall and. Brazilian engineering giant Odebrecht S.A. spent hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes and illicit campaign contributions to win work across the.

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The ruling comes as Odebrecht’s chief executive, Marcelo Odebrecht, is in jail as part of a giant corruption probe in Brazil. According to Brazilian courts and prosecutors, Odebrecht helped form part of a cartel of construction and engineering companies that defrauded Brazilian state-owned oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA of billion of dollars through a contract-rigging, bribery and political kickback scheme.

Hundreds of people gathered outside Brazil’s embassy in Peru on Thursday night to protest against the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht remaining in Peru.

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